I was introduced to RC Computers through my brother. We were with Prophet 21 at the time and needed to make a change. I was impressed by RC Computers professionalism and we wanted to hire someone who we knew could get the job done, with no issues. RC Computers does a great job supporting us. They do everything we ask and they do it right the first time. They provide a great service and you can count on them to do what they say they are going to do

Nick Casale - A&N Sales Co.

Randy from RC Computers does an excellent job. I had a server that was dying and RC Computers was able to get me another one. When the server arrived they were able to get me hooked up pretty quickly, I think in about a 1/2 an hour. Everything has been up and running great ever since. They monitor our system so they catch and work on problems even before we know we have them. The turn around time with RC Computers is great, and they monitor our systems to catch problems before they happen. I used to manage the system by myself, but working with RC Computers gives me peace of mind. RC Computers services are very cost effective and we highly recommended RC Computers to anyone looking to outsource their IT needs.

Mary Anne Simone - One Source Accounting and Tax

I called them up one morning because I had a problem…they offered to pick up my computer or they told me I could drop it off, I had my computer back the next day. People have a lot of great things to say about RC computers. He is my computer guy. RC Computers offers a professional service, that is reasonable, and the staff is great. When I’ve called they are right there, they can hook into your system to fix what’s wrong with the remote system… They are great! Randy tries to help you, if he can. They are our computer guys. Night and day, weekday and weekend, even on holidays, you can count on them. They are great guys, and we like their work….

Dan Morrison - Weichert Realtor

RC Computers has always been there right when I needed them, it's service you can trust and rely on. When I think of RC Computers two words come to mind, reliable, and dependable.

Keith Knecht - The Knecht Company, LLC

Over the years I have purchased 3 computers and two back-up systems from RC Computers. If I every have a problem, RC Computer fixes it remotely or they come out right away. When I have a problem they fix it remotely, and I have an absolute minimum down time. RC Computers service is excellent and I have never had a problem with them.

Robert Wolf - BRW Enterprises

RC Computers calls us back quickly, when we have a problem. They are very responsive. Most of all, they do what they say they are going to do. I was introduced to RC Computers by one of his other customers Rehab Connections. RC Computers came highly recommended and I needed to make a change and wanted to have someone who I could count on and who would be reliable. RC Computers always calls back quickly, when there is an issue. They let us know what it is going to take to get the problem solved and get us back in service. Most of all, they do what they say they are going to do.

Gregg Prescott - JanPro Cleaning Systems

RC Computers gets a 9 when it comes to calling us back when we need help and being accessible. Since accessibility is important to us, we are really happy with our service in this area. We haven't had that many problems and we have Randy’s cell phone number, if we have any problem. I met Randy in a Networking group, when we decided to make some changes I decided to give Randy a try. We are a 24 hour a week service so reliability and accessibility is very important to us. RC Computers is accessible to my staff and I. Randy even made sure we had his cell phone number so if we run into a problem we can call him directly.

Debra Gabrieli - Home Companion Care

Randy is accessible, reliable and honest and I would highly recommend RC Computers to anyone opening up a new business or anyone with an existing business that needs IT support. RC Computers takes care of our networking needs.

We have purchased computers from RC Computers and the prices were good.  RC Computers also offers affordable support. Technology is everything in my business.  RC Computer keeps my system up and running and I am able to stay connected to my business. RC Computers also keeps his systems up-to-date.  He knows about what is available and they make sure he is up and running and connected with the things that will give him the cutting edge.

Alan Cohen - South Jersey Wealth Management

My wife introduced me to RC Computers, they were using his services at her office and she was happy with his work.  Randy was our first IT guy.  RC Computers gives us good service and they show up when we call them.  It was really important for us to have a dependable, reliable and accessible IT group working with us.  RC Computers provides service we can count on and they are available to us, when we need them.  They do everything a good business does.

Dr. Scott Warren - Academy Podiatry

I started using RC Computers 7-8 years ago. I am not a real technical person but they set up my system so I could access my information at home, at the office, and at many other locations. This was incredibly valuable to me and the system has a been very reliable. All I have to do when I needs support is make a phone call. I have 4 laptops, and a desktop. RC Computers provides me with the tools I need and the system I want. RC Computers is reliable, trustworthy, dependable, friendly and prompt. When they start something, they finish it. Before I had RC Computers a young man was managing my network. I upgraded when I realized I needed more specific work done. RC Computers was highly recommended and I am very happy with the services I receive from them.

Francine Zioance - American Freeze Dry